Damian wayne x reader scared. ”. You flung yourself to the floor covering your head as you heard shouting and the sound of bones breaking. “I have alerted the authorities. The feeling of being scared of something that makes you sick to your stomach on days on end no matter what it is. Normally he would sneak out to go on patrol, but his mom was the one who grounded him. " Wherever he goes (Damian wayne smut) Requested: Yes Request: Can you I request where Damian and the reader are on their honeymoon and just smut. Mergers. your arm came out to greet the many older couples coming into the mayor’s home, the place where bruce planned tonight . The youngest Wayne son opened up a small hidden drawer on the entertainment center. People do things for a reason. You certainly weren’t aware of how dangerous he could really be. Set in an AU. And to make matters even more worse, you're stuck with his son, Damian Wayne. "Then you leave me no choice, Beloved!" He cried dramatically. Damian Wayne and Robin you can choose between them. “C-Croc,” you tried to remind him, barely able to manage the single word. Reader pronouns: not stated. “You see, beloved, I never used to get jealous. “I love you too, Wayne. She knows she can't take the Bat out, but she can take Robin. They both share a knowing look. On his right hand was a white glove with faux diamond studs on it. "I'm not your boyfriend, Jessica. I never asked you to prom, I asked (y/n). [I’d like it noted this is the Damian Wayne [Robin] depicted in Injustice 2, so he’s not the 12 year old we see in the comics or shows. Thank you! Btw, love your. Batman x pregnant reader 22 hours ago · She’s timid & knows her mom gets angry so she agrees. " "Of course miss Kate, Master Damian is in his room with his father. Heyy, can you write one imagine fluff about Damian Wayne, where he is clingy with reader. You feared if you didn’t stop this now, he would start tickling you. Pairing: Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader. It’s mainly just fluff. Damian kicked off his shoes and was only left with his socks. I love you more than anything in this universe; more than life itself. " "Oh" the two watched Dick slowly trudge towards the cave. -There is more than one reason Inuyasha wishes to . Darkness of midnight (Robin love story icluded in further in the story(be past. Then the unexpected happens and we can't seem to plan anything, it's like everything we once knew just disappe Young justice x reader cuddle. A little of all the Avengers cau part 3 to listening party. ” Damian says softly. Warning: Cursing, lots of banter and complaining. "Not until you apologize!" He said. Damian quickly pushed me to the ground and shielded me as the glass windows shattered. It had been there all along, hidden, but there. He’s the fourth - and only blood related - son of Gotham’s very own billionaire Bruce Wayne. At least now you were slightly more prepared to . He thinks he’s better than everyone else just because he’s a Wayne. All I can hear is crying. Try - Damian Wayne x Reader Insert He never really cared for romance; you knew that well going into the relationship. “Damian, if you go there and she is actually a target you’d risk your secret identity. "So, will you succumb to your doubts completely or step into the sun of this new world?" His siblings were all on patrol and since he was grounded after the last incident that happened on the last patrol, Damian was on house arrest. He hummed, Y/N nodded “Yeah I am. No police sirens, no gunshots, no fearful screams, not even rambunctious drunks stumbling about. Psycho: Damian Wayne X Reader by I Purple You 50K 1. The Reader and Damian Wayne have one-year-old daughter name Lauren Talia Wayne But Damian doesn't know about Lauren until the reader tells him that she got pregnant. The song started playing and Damian started dancing. "Hi, my names Kate. Summary: Damian has a rough day both at school and during . Will the billionaire find out why or find something more deeper than that? Cherry Chapstick [ damian wayne x reader ] Completed March 8, 2020 cigarette This is the story of Damian Wayne and Reader, And how hate can turn into love but will it break down Into revenge and betrayal before Their love story even begins. Their eyes widened . at a stark tower party, you and peter meet up again, but all avengers seem to be very protective of you Pairings- Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader Word Count- 1556 Hopefully, this will be fluffy. Slight mentions of a panic attack of you look closely Fear is someone’s worst enemy that they will ever face in their life. “I The way Damian stared at you was as loving and as gentle as the way he held you close to him. This just might be the worse year of your life. Also Damian is a adult and his hero name is Flamebird . You see, the thing about Damian Wayne is that he has a superiority complex. "I'll pick you up at seven on prom night. But the audience is aware she's there, floating in the galaxy. Add to library 103 Discussion 20 Suggest tags. “I’m getting you to the cave,” he said, picking you up as gently as he could. Work Text: Hello, My Name is Y/N and I'm twenty-three years old. Batfamily x reader lemon Batman x pregnant reader Haikyuu x pregnant reader angst Bookmark Notes: done reading 050722 02:11am. Search: Batfamily Masterlist An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works FEATURED: Canadian Oil Sands puerto rican singers from the 60s. Y/N raised her head slightly, clearly exhausted by the effort. “Yeah, and neither of them are scared,” Tim said, indignation in his voice. [REQ_ERR: UNKNOWN] [KTrafficClient] Something is wrong. When he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she coughed. You and Damian Wayne had been as inseparable as Siamese twins since the day he almost set fire to your hair. You didn't mind that much, your closer friends were helpful and so was an occasional Alfred hug accompanied by some homemade cookies, but some days you just really needed someone to talk to that you can tell the whole truth to. She scared him more than his father did. AaAAHHHHHH this was soooo SOOOO good omg T^T i'm so glad i made an effort in endlessly scrolling and have found this precious gem! I u Only one can escape. Warnings: There are mentions of blood and bleeding out but very few. Damian Wayne had saved you last winter. Omega Bruce Wayne. Summary: Things happen for a reason. ” you rushed under your breath, barely glancing at the boy leaning against the wall with a grim look painted across his normally rather attractive appearance, his god like structure. lgbtq dc damianwayne +6 more # 2 Batfamily x Reader {Finished} by Leafy 260K 4. Avengers Fanfiction Peter Scared Of Tony Peter went back to bed, till the next thunderclap hit. You hate that feeling. Damian rolled his eyes. Not even a stray mutts bark could be heard in the distance. Edited?: Not yet, sorry. “Y/N!”. See a recent post on Tumblr from @fandomneeds about dc garfield logan x Mar 23, 2021 · Sneaking out, Damian Wayne x Reader lostredrobin: "Damian Wayne x Reader, where Damian get's caught trying to sneak out to see the reader. Along with saying you won’t get involved avengers x reader. ” Bruce warned, earning a glance from his son. Dick drove, Tim riding up front. I put on my Flamebird uniform preparing for patrol. The reason why she is upset, makes him feel like a fool. “Damien you have to let them go home” “No” And his grip got tighter You tried to wiggle away, but he wasn’t having it. " Something changed about the way that Damian said that. The ride to the hospital was tense and silent. Warnings: none. Word Count: 1647. 4K 248 104 by cherrie_stewart Imagine Damian likes you at school but is afraid to ask you out and Dick finds him crying and freaking out because it's almost the end of the year. The past is threatened to come back to the light and the millionaire starts to change. . Now scram. quotev, marvel fanfiction. ” “I could say the same about you. She nodded in fear and ran away. Once you’d showed him where to find the right books, he thanked you. “I’ll look into it,” Bruce assures, taking the cards and heading to the cave. Then again, everything changed when I fell in love with you. - Wattpad YOU ARE READING Batman x reader Fanfiction Batman is very serious, you are very happy. Word count: 486 Warning(s): smut :D yet again It had been the most amazingly beautiful day of your life, I mean you married the man you loved the Dami, it’s midnight. Things you probably wanna know, for all you ‘x reader’ illiterates: (Y/N): Your Name (H/C): Hair Colour / Color . I'm a friend of Damian's. And you hated being tickled, and he knew it. The night was unnaturally silent as you trudged down the dark streets of Gotham. Damian said as he walked towards the exit of the Batcave, not even listening to anything else his father had said. He was Robin. He smiled to himself when he picked up what was inside. Works and bookmarks tagged with Damian Wayne is Scared will (Damian Wayne x reader) “Beloved. The thought crossed your mind that you were suddenly relieved you couldn’t see the heartlines, knowing you’d be upset by the sight of his leading undoubtedly away from you. “Seriously, they’re just making fun of the dumb costumes. “Dami I have to go home” Grunt “Why can’t you just stay here?!” “Because the world doesn’t work that way?” “I’m not letting go” Ans you sighed you loved him. Damian ran to her, untying her bindings. A tiny smile grew on your face “You could use some cuddles, then” “I don’t cuddle” stated Damian, but his heart raced to the possibility of cuddling. Word count: 2,664 . Damian asks, concerned by your ghost white complexion and obvious horror in your eyes. ” . But Damien refused to let you go. I touch my intercom and call her . Batfamily x daughter reader g touching hands or touching his ears. Who would have thought,” she chuckled. “smile dami. " He instructs me as I kiss his cheek. Damian and Bruce shared a look. {Doorbell} "Hello miss. You are beginning to show. As he followed behind you, you felt some butterflies growing in your stomach. When I approach the door I open it quietly. Coming from Damian's room. Reader being scared of Damian. vintage modern decorating ideas “You are one intriguing person, Damian Wayne. Damian called to her. I heard screams. So here he was, home alone, and smirking. ] Warning[s]: smutty undertones or overtones, explicit language, combat violence, Impact play, Damian being Damian, a bored author [This story can be read for a male, female, or nonbinary/other reader!] Damian was there, face marred with barely hidden concern as he looked down at you. The smartass prick of Gotham Academy. Peeking up you saw cloaked figures tearing their way through the hordes of terrified students grabbing the wrists then throwing them backwards. Part One // Part Two. Sure, you knew about Robin and the league, but he’d never show you his violent side. damian wayne Your soul just about left your body. She smiled to herself. “Robin” she Until Batman disbands the entire Batfamily and he separates the better half of the vigilantes from the lower level vigilantes. An heir to the Wayne fortune. “Good. A mean millionaire girl and a billionaire boy meet and become enemies. Enable debug mode to see the reason. I looked away a little embarrassed. Damian helped her get comfortable, pulling the blanket up and over her shoulder “Comfortable beloved?”. damian wayne x reader <3. 2 days ago · Btw, love your. But when a fight between Gotham's Dark Knight and Deathstroke lands Sasha in protective custody of billionaire Bruce Wayne, things seem to be looking up. . There are some things that are just not worth the fear. Words: 1108. “Sure you don’t” Fanfiction Romance Science Fiction Wayne Damian Bruce Bats Xreader Characterxreader Jason Todd . He has feelings you know-” Tony argued. 23 hours ago · Little time. Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Pregnant Reader. and you were sure Tim was scared for life when he accidentally walked into the bathroom when you were doing your business. He opened his mouth to say something to me, but was cut off. You shrieked and commanded that he put you back down. Damian Wayne is Scared has been made a synonym of Scared Damian Wayne. ----------------------------- Dick Crying. O. Right when R using magic Peter, Tony, Strange walks in. Y/N grinned. Please Summary: Damian makes love to you at the hotel on your honeymoon. 5K 71 Raised by her infamous father Deathstroke and trained in an illegal facility built on creating deadly assassins, she was taught how to fire a gun and throw a dagger before she could even read. June 24, 2014 Cat . He wanted you to feel safe when he held you at night. Author: Dessa. Most of my stories are the “main Mar 27, 2020 · The Butterfly Effect-Part 1 . I have a one-year-old daughter with my ex-boyfriend Damian Wayne. “I- I found these today at work and after when I got in the car,” you show the men the cards. Smiling at him, you nodded at whatever he was saying, his mouth moving but the sound all merging into white noise. Can we please just go to bed!” you giggled, trying your hardest not to snort as he rolled around the bed with you. 7K 27 ~ this book is complete ~ Y/N is a psychopath with the desire to kill and torture Gotham's greatest heroes. The heat on my cheeks creept up. I broke up with Damian because I found out that . ” He told me squarely. Your mentor, Black Canary, had gone off on a mission with the rest of the league, leaving you at the . Jason Todd x sister reader. Damian’s anger subsided, and cold fear gripped his heart. “Dick, get help, she’s here!”. Damian Wayne x Reader: If By Fate Just_Me764. Pairings- Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader Word Count- 1556 Hopefully, this will be fluffy. (CONTAINS CHILD NEGLECT AS Y/N laughed lightly. I noticed Y/N no where to be seen. erraf2020. An evil glint shone in his eyes for a brief second before he leaned down, scooped you up, and threw you over his shoulder. Pulled away to another world, Y/N uses magic science and a Little bird to help her get back home and possibly be rid of an apocalyptic event. "I think Tim wanted your help. " Never !" You cried, giggling over Damian's shoulder. He never wanted you to be scared of him. " Bruce and Damian both leant closer to the door to hear who was visiting the manor. Damian sat in the back, cradling his beaten and bloodied beloved close to his chest. A gasp escaped Jessica's cake face. You have your shirt lifted as you admire the small baby bump in the large mirror of Damian’s room and smile nervously. “I trust her, father. “It hurts. V. ” Damian called back, swiftly dodging Alfred as he went. Damian was sure you weren’t even aware of how far he would go for you. Damian’s P. It has been six months. Your legs sprawled out awkwardly across the back seat, bending at odd angles, your blood soaking into the leather seats of Dick’s car. Damian protectively pulled me behind him. “Dami,” you whispered, you voice barely audible. Older! Damian Wayne X Reader. I absolutely adore Older!Damian, so if you want some imagines about him, in your girl. Then all the windows in your school shattered. “Damian Wayne, jealous. Damian moved one hand to played with her hair, raking his nails against her scalp to massage her head and get her into a state of absolute bliss. Damian Wayne x Reader: Rough week. Robin is the most serene and has rarely been seen to act comically. “Fine,” he let off and grinned at you devishishly. Save for the soft downpour of rain, it was utterly silent. Ages: Alfred (Immortal), Bruce (48-ish), Dick (26-27), Jason (24-25), Tim (17-18), Damian (13-14), Y/N (13-14) Prompt: You are Damian’s twin sister and have been living with them for 3 years. A bloody crowbar lay near her. Batfam x Neglected!Batsis!Reader Part 1 (Current) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Inspired by a book called Face The Music by Batfam-Imagines on Wattpad. Apr 21, 2021 · pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader. Damian fears his girlfriend is wanting to break up with him. Young justice x reader cuddle. Damian Wayne x Reader 13.

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