Mcyt x dying reader. king-of-fuffies. So can I request something like “fake date” with the reader (the reader has to get the parents of their back, the real date cancel last minute before important event…something like this) where the reader ask the favour of Dream, Sap, Karl or Wilbur to pretend to be . Get back in that bed and recover. Read the most popular mcyt-x-reader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. chaos is not “pog”. Oct 14, 2019 · Can you tell how devastated he is when the first thing he sees when rounding a corner is you lying in your own pool of blood? Honestly, he blames himself for tearing his eyes away from you even just for a second. but nice with fundy could range anywhere from ‘won’t hurt a fly’ to ‘unwilling to commit mass murder . “Okay, Pipsqueak. -Super Dad. MAIN LOVE INTERESTS. “I don’t have a choice. -Quackity. Apr 19, 2021 · Chapter 6: Ouch! That Hit me Right in the Feelings. This story is about the dream smp but in a real, kingdom esc setting, where it all started when L'Manberg fought for independence. Nov 24, 2021 · Before the relationship he would keep secrets. fluff with ftm reader and schlatt, comforting him from the stress of paperwork and such. - Kai - uncompleted Jul 02, 2015 · Look for me in the white forest. BIG LOVE INTERESTS. Mar 03, 2022 · MCYT masterlist 🆘 Dream 🆘 George 🆘 Sapnap 🆘 Punz (out of commission) 🆘 Eret (out of commission) L’Manburg 🆘 Wilbur Soot The Syndicate 🆘 Niki 🆘 TechnoBlade 🆘 Philza The Eggpire 🆘 Badboyhalo 🆘 Skeppy 🆘. Esme then ushered you into their kitchen and gave you a glass of water anyway. So like some dude was saying mcyt is dumb because they cry over Minecraft characters and roleplay shit. Aug 09, 2021 · ghostbur x reader. " (F/n), just stay awake, you must stay awake!" You felt Levi shake you. Tommyinnit fluff and angst - HiyaGeorgie - uncompleted. °°°°°°°°°° SO I DIDN'T SAW BOOKS LIKE THIS SO I DO IT! pls be nice this is my first book👉👈. -Dream. B 2 days ago · I want to fix it but I'm still debating on it) The last chapters have been posted this recently year and u published everything - and i mean EVERYTHING even up to Pairing: Batfam x reader, Ryan(oc)x reader. You feel Masky snaking up your back, unclipping your bikini. All one shots are x reader !! (None of th. Headcanons: gn - reader has a bad sleep schedule. Wattpad. he stares at you before kissing you again on your cheek, just in case you didn’t mean to. 4Hey y'all, got an idea from snake anon for this part. Date: September 19, 2021. Mar 26, 2022 · Moving in. dream fluff dream team georgenotfound george fluff sapnap fluff sapnap x reader dream x reader george x reader dream smp dream smp reader insert . 7K Summary: Y/n and Wilbur learn two important lessons 1) Sand makes for some shitty bedding 2) Feelings are annoying as hell Nov 20, 2021 · cw: reader overthinking, cursing . You felt even more anxious with Jasper gone. What is Hetalia x dying country reader. When Dream and Sapnap were finally done with their dispute, Sam shot them both a Hello and you let out a meek 'hi’. so while he might have grown out of his fear, he knows that support is what will help you most. 19 parts Ongoing. 6 parts Ongoing Mature. This’ll be a kinda short chapter. you’d been friends with tommy for a while, but not a ridiculously long time, so his humor was still kind of a shot in the dark to you Apr 04, 2021 · books and confessions — dream x gn! reader : highschool au! || oneshot genre : fluff. Nightmare Team is the opposite of the Dream Team. when you accidentally hurt yourself; mcyt x reader. He’ll gladly tell them anything they ask, but sometimes he either assumes they already know or doesn’t think they care. warnings : none. warning(s): death, forced killing, manburg-pogtopia war stuff, drunk schlatt The Manburg-Pogtopia War, a destructive and heartbreaking day for all. -Technoblade. Making him be the exact same person he was before L'Manburg. but if we’re being honest, George was definitely the type of kid to get scared of the doctors office. ( RE-WRITING & SLOW UPDATES ) ( art credits : @/Itsmeh25863685 on twt ) ━━━━━━━━━━━ started: 11/27/20 ended: 01 / 29 / 21. ”. He leans into your face, gingerly kissing your lips. 32 minutes ago · Batfamily x reader -everything is owned by DC- (Except you, of course) Wattpad. °mcty boyfriend scenarios°. Aug 31, 2014 · Hoodie giggles and takes you by surprise, taking off his hood, showing his emerald-green eyes, thin, blunt nose and soft red lips. The 5 minutes that he was gone felt like an hour. you shake your head at him before quickly wiping it away and he blinks in shock as you go back to your phone. However, once during the stream with will someone challenges her through donation to sing (in my mind song like let it go, so you can hear true strength in the voice) and she absolutely kills it. Kenma x reader lemon rough Sep 08, 2021 · Always Here. ask; s. “Dream I can’t do this anymore!”. SYNOPSIS: Headcanons for if a certain admin has been pining after you from afar, but you’re completely oblivious- that is, until you get a ‘secret admirer’. Finally I collapsed the last box of our things and out it un the pile of all the others in the spare room. she was his everything. his mouth drops open, unsure of … Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Adventure Fluff Mcyt X Reader Various X Reader Gender Neutral Reader. Dec 12, 2018 · You were too frozen to move. description: reader is pregnant and wishes (mcyt) to be the kids uncle/aunt. 1 day ago · Genre: Comedy, all platonic 1 year ago 541 notes Bucky Barnes x Reader: Short sam wilson tony stark tony captain america avengers x y/n avengers x reader bucky imagine winter soldier in a period drama Spending time with a team lead by Rogue (of the X-men) showed the reader what she’d learned in all her time as both an X-man and an Avenger . . He gently caresses your face and wipes all your blood and tears away. Completed readerxbowser koopaking bowser +9 more # 6 Dying Reader scenerio BTS by AnimeXArc 2. Jun 18, 2021 · Dream x Male reader. Most of these oneshots will be female x person un. You never blamed him; you smiled up at him and . “The quelling of the Grimm attack also brought an end to another threat to the kingdom,” Lisa Lavender began. You, aka the reader will be dying hoseok jin kimnamjoon How mcyts would react to your death 30 Warning: angst 4 Dream + • ". It’s been a long process but me and Wilbur have finally moved into our own house together which is a weird thought because the whole time we’ve been together we have lived in our own apartments so the first time we are going to live together is in our own house. 6 parts. It is home because you are dead, a dead dead man, lost to the world after getting some groceries for your roommate and after a . m - reader has aesthetic that doesn’t “fit the norms”. Feb 14, 2022 · Yandere c technoblade alphabet x gn reader. Sapnap. Previous chapter | Master List | Next Chapter Wilbur x GN!Reader Word count: 1. Gaara x child reader Search: Hetalia x dying country reader. All because her childhood best friend bowser is in love with Princess Peach. “Hey y/n. -Sapnap. I know I am annoying with these but I can’t write requests in short messages so sorry -here are flowers as an apology 梁. Will Bowser realize his love for his best friend or be. 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 Y/n gets locked back into the past and tries to escape with the help of people. Feb 11, 2021 · Can you do Wilbur x streamer reader? Reader is known for being one of the top at PvP and has facade similar to the one of technoblade. The world was starting to spin around you. there needs to be an easier way to convey the idea of "it's absolutely fine that you don't like this thing I like, and I don't even necessarily disagree with your reasons for disliking it, but I am sick to death of hearing your negative opinions about it. f - seeing you in a ballgown for the first time. reader thinks tommy doesn’t want to be friends . “No. Y/n shouted obviously angry dream rolled his eyes behind his mask “your being over dramatic”y/n’s eyes almost bulged out of the sockets “over dramatic?OVER DRAMATIC!?!”. summary : dream confesses to you. avengers avengers imagine steve rodgers imagine captain america imagine tony stark imagine iron man Hands off part 2~ A yandere Magne x reader Oneshot. " avatardoggo. Grabbing the glass of water and quickly gulping it down. Similar to Niki he also pushed his way through the crowd to get to you. Dream whispered as tears began rolling down his cheeks "DREAM Y/N!" It was Eret and Niki running over "Are you two alri-" Niki cut herself off as she saw what condition you were in, she gasped and told Dream they'd have to get you to a safe place so they could treat you george: he presses a loud kiss to your cheek, being dramatic. Ghostbur sits on your desk you put a towel over your body and you place your head on his lap. I go into the kitchen to grab something to drink, after realizing how parched I am. A place for any spirit, sure, but it is cold and gripping and dark. Reader is dying of hanahaki disease. imagine protege tommy getting in an argument with niki or jack and they compare him to dream since he looks like him. Dream Fluff - Clay_Locke - Completed - Can't Focus. The Asthma and COPD Medical Research Specialist. — synopsis: he’s decided you’re it, you’re the one he wants to spend forever with. Mar 13, 2022 · George. " • He denies everything he's told • Doesn't want to believe you're actually gone • Even at the funeral he still refuses to believe you're dead 62 George + • He doesn't know how to handle it • Goes to Dream and Sapnap for a way to cope 11 Sapnap + Jul 26, 2021 · PREGNANT READER ASKS MCYT’S TO THE AUNT/UNCLE. gn - reader (tries) to put them in a corset. Hi guys!! If you read what I posted last night and think there’s anything I can do to improve my writing please let me know!!! I enjoy criticism, just don’t be too harsh lol <3. Dec 12, 2021 · PAIRING: C!Xisumavoid x GN!Reader. ” I know I am annoying with these but I can’t write requests in short messages so sorry -here are flowers as an apology 梁. a/n : HELLO o/ hi i’m REALLY sorry for the long hiatus loves D: it’s not officially over yet but i have something for you guys <3 also i’m really sorry if there’s any mistakes :( i speedran this at 4 am OTL have a nice day loves 🥺 . A ffection: How do they show their love and affection? Apr 06, 2021 · You turn the water off and you dry yourself knowing you didn’t get enough water on you. ” your fingers moved to cover his mouth. This leads to some weird conversations. Fanfiction X Male Reader Nikki. kiwifluid. they can't be. Sherlock may be a little bit OOC Word Count: 1. ANTE TEMPUS → mcyt x reader. he’s a big baby when he’s got a fever, acting like he’s . . “Let me heal you. that’s it. mcyt x reader couple photos <3 photos that represent the energy y'all would radiate // couple photos that y'all would definitely take part 2 Dream Sapnap George Karl Quackity Wilbur Mar 24, 2016 · Dragon Hearts (Dragon Slayers x Reader) - Ch 5 I climb off of the bed, my legs wobbling for a few seconds before I stabilize myself, a grim look of determination settling onto my lips. ” he said while gasping for breath, trying to hide his sobs. Haikyuu x self harm reader wattpad May 09, 2022 · (yandere knight x reader x yandere king) You awake in a strange new world where a king has placed a curse on you, a knight is trying to capture you, and your only hope lies in a kingdom far away. MCYT IMAGINES. George may not be the most understanding about why you’re afraid of needles, but he knows everyone has their own worries. <3. Shares: 167. now they were nothing, and it was all his fault. 5K 47 3 Title says it all. he parked outside of where he was staying and sat there for a minute, letting the memory through the cracks of his broken heart. Likes: 334. Y/n picked up the vase that was on the counter and threw it at dream it nearly missed the masked man his . Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday - 8am to 5:30pm Contact : (915) 544-2557 yandere ranboo x readerhisense 65r6+ bluetooth 3k ; bozo masterlist mcyt x reader mcyt imagine dream smp x reader dream smp x you dream smp × reader tubbo mcyt tubbo x y/n tubbo x you tubbo x reader platonic tubbo x reader. ” you croaked. He cringed so hard when he heard, his heart dropped when he realized it was you laid out on the ground. Do I feel any shame? No. he didn’t want to let go, he didn’t want to alone. gn - reader lost a parent. he’d never seen you before, not anywhere around l’manburg at least. “ (Name)--,”. It was around then that Sapnap let out a, “Hey,” but you definitely could hear the smirk in his voice. Not out of distrust, but just because he doesn’t really see the need to tell them. Ongoing. Jschlatt x afab reader - r045ty_t045ty - uncompleted. “It’s okay buttercup! You’re here with me, I’ve got you. it is home. f/gen - reader with phonophobia. You closed your eyes and breathed in his musky scent. Summary. But. “you were good to me. Your (E/C) eyes widen a bit as he deepens the kiss. I try to take a step forward, but almost fall on my face. He promised himself that he would protect you, but look at where the both of you now. Dec 29, 2014 · Loki’s arms tightened around your fragile body. Mature. Sam rested his head on top of yours as Dream continued Sapnap’s motives. Abused And Neglected Ink Sans Male Reader X Rwby New Life Plus. Jan 13, 2021 · 21 parts. Anyways, this last meal before the . You coughed again, and Levi winced as blood speckled your lips. I respect that you follow your dreams, though. WARNINGS: None! A/N: Is the title to this a reference to this song by Louie Zong? Yes. “You can’t leave me. with dream, he knows you’re the one the morning after he’s sick and he’s recovering. Their mother, Esme, came up and asked if she could get you something to drink, which you politely declined. After dying from a mysterious death, M/n was giving the choice of whether or not he'd like to keep his memories. “I miss you Wilbur. Sep 19, 2021 · The Devil’s Mercenary Technoblade X Reader pt. Younger Batsis reader x Batfam: The Talk A/N: Let’s say Bat-Sis is quite young and naïve in this part, I mean I didn’t learn about this until I was 9. I grab my blanket and wrap it around me before waddling to the backdoor, Ama trotting next to me. Learning that he wasn't happy with his life while remembering, he chooses to forget it all. MCYT SmutMc. he then watches as you wipe the kiss away again. no. c!wilbur x gn!reader. he broke down in his car, letting out heart-wrenching sobs. “Please hurry,” I shout at Ama over the wind, as she rushes outside. trigger warnings= mention of bones breaking,mention of Stockholm syndrome,mention of being starved. I can taste it in your tears". Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me) I know you hear me. -Wilbur. In the relationship he’s sort of the same way. the friendly, local ghost has a fun chat with you about frosting colours. authors note: ooh, this is cute!! loving the family!readers sm :D … and aweee, thank you hon!! i miss havin’ you in my inbox 梁<3. candy hearts and paper flowers; dreamwastaken x reader, georgenotfound x reader, wilbur soot x reader. Keep reading Mar 30, 2021 · Get notified when MCYT x reader [Smut] is updated. 26M followers. I was lucky Marion could catch me in time. 19 parts. The void is a cold, cold place. type: fluff and maybe a little angst i guess? i dunno just kinda sad. fundy told him that you were new, and apparently quite nice. “I said no . pairing: mcyt’s x p!reader. you two had been playing minecraft for a little while, just casually building your base. Updated 06/26/2020 if you enjoy my work, consider buying me a coffee!.

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