Naruto baby sasuke fanfiction. " Sasuke says. He's the new kid at school, Itachi is being a jerk—but then again, when is he not—and his asthma is choosing now of all times to rear its ugly head. But Sasuke wasn't there yet and Naruto really wanted to spare with him today. Instead of tapping him on the shoulder so that the jutsu would take effect, he ended up hitting Sasuke on the mouth and he fell back. Sakura groaned but didn't argue, and the two followed their teammate. Naruto gets sent back in time by Kiri and is discovered by Minato. Sasuke is crouched on the floor with his knees splayed frog-like, still as a rabbit with his toys scattered around him, dark eyes looking up in mute shock. Her baby. Pls give me a good one and i appreciated your help. "Everytime he runs to you, he always looks like a baby. Bruh Baby naruto experienced a explosion a few minutes after being born . Damn you Sasuke! You took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. “Papa!” a kid beams with a near-toothless mouth, trying to grasp at a sweating Sasuke as he carefully picks her up, keeping her at a stretched-arm's distance. Baby Sasuke Chapter 1: Baby Sasuke, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction It was a peaceful night in the Hidden Leaf Village, the air was cool, the streets were slowly starting to become empty, and there was no more violence between the different nations so there was no longer that ever present tension of invasion from other nation. A project for a pair to take care of their own baby to see how it feels. com. sasuke takes care of baby naruto fanfictionthree days grace spotify. She gave me permission to write a fanfic. Naruto's desperate blue eyes flew open. Author: RecklessWriter. "Sasuke if there's something wrong, you can talk to us ya know" Naruto said as he tried to remove his hand from the door but he accidentally dislodged his fake arm from his body. ) (Naruto little brother akane was born five minutes after Naruto and it shocked minato and kushina they only thought they having one child not two but they both love them Equally. At first the meeting seems insignificant, and if anything, the young Uchiha finds Naruto to be unpleasant. "The villagers accept us both, we have friends and we have a family. Instead, there was an adorable little baby! Sasuke insisted, grabbing Naruto's chin and bringing the blond's attention back to himself. "Dad! S-Sasuke called me a b-b-baby!! 'm not a baby!" Naruto wails. Sasuke enjoys watching his wife and son, just as he knew she did with him and their daughter. Warnings: Sexual abuse that, even though it’s been a while since I read it, I remember it . Sasuke slept soundly in bed with him, as Naruto moved . Time travel Canon divergent fic, starts with angst, but morphs into adventure - aka another way the story of Shippuden could have been told. You watched as the leaves danced in the wind, the rustling was somewhat soothing. Angst ensues. Everyone in the Leaf Village had run in just in time before the storm started. However, Kakashi and Minato discover Naruto has a little secret. 4 year old Naruto gasps dramatically at that and cries louder. Sasuke complains and gestures to Naruto who actually had used Henge to transform himself to a 4 year old. . Modern!Sasuke Uchiha X Reader: It's your typical teacher always getting late to class. Sasuke and Naruto decided to meet early before regular practice with Sakura and Kakashia. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Love Naruto Sister . Sasuke and naruto time travel fanfic. Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. The class always nags over how she's late and always uses the same excuse. Humor. "We should keep up, they might lead him into a trap. " Chapter 1: SASUKE! As time went by Naruto waited for Sasuke at their usual waiting spot at the bridge. Sakura has a baby boy and all she wants to do is love on him and protect him as he grows up. Sasuke is Baby Daddy. "Sasuke. Naruto lunged at Sasuke. The thunder clashed loudly outside, followed by a strong flash of lightning that filled the sky. Female Uzumaki Naruto. This fic is a relic of an old fic format called a "baby daddy" that was popular on Quizilla in 2007-2010. In a moment he appears on the window sill, peering through the dirty, gray pane of glass at the contorted face of the child within. " Sasuke pointed out, noticing the Amenin were running away. Great, just great, I let my guard down for a moment, and I get pregnant. She places her foot down and assigns a project. Mature. Naruto just laughed as he swung his sword, ending up using it to parry shuriken out of the air more than attacking since the three enemy genin were trying to get away. Fanfiction recs naruto emptysurface timetravel uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke hatake kakashi uchiha itachi uchiha shisui naruto &. Anime » Naruto Rated: M, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, Naruto U. Posted By : / innuendo funny one liners /; Under :minamata w eugene smithminamata w eugene smith Canon!Sasuke/Sakura. Within the uchiha district the sound of metal cracking against wood could be heard as sasuke uchiha the last uchiha in konoha was practicing his shuriken throwing as his accuracy was impressive as his fists were clench the training ground was large, a lake, training posts, targets and a very large landscape as he has bin . But things didn't go as planned. Sasuke decided that at that point there were only two possibilities: he was caught in a genjutsu or Naruto and Sakura seemed to be under the impression that Naruto was pregnant. 2. A portrayal of how Sasuke copes with his trauma and sins from the past. They watched a movie, Boruto and Sasuke fighting to sit beside Naruto on the couch and Himawari beating them both by sitting in his lap with a far too innocent smile to be genuine. “Sweetie, your big brother is not here. In another lifetime, he finds he could have been a great jutsu teacher. Itachi stares bug-eyed from the hallway with his leg outstretched. [Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert] I got shooters (Baow), my boys movers (Movers) That's So Raven (What?), tell the future (Oh) Oh, that's my new work, she got to work (Yeah) I got braces and my tooth hurt . Twelve-year-old Sasuke Uchiha is struggling. , Words: 19k+, Favs: 222, Follows: 257, Published: 8/12/2012 Updated: 4/8/2017} 176 Chapter 8 "So here's what we are going to do," Sasuke started, he was immediately cut off when a hand landed on his should, and as fast a lighting, he was in konoha leafs forest. Chapter 1: "I'm having a baby, Sasuke" "You're pregnant," Tsunade calmly stated, although the amusement could be clearly seen in her eyes. , Sasuke U. Sasuke should win when Naruto KOs himself. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, away to train with the Kyuubi's chakra while they leave Naruto in the village, and only bad things can come from that. (This story is about Naruto having a little brother who has the yang part of the nine tails beast when Naruto has the yin part of the nine tails beast. ” Sakura says with a soothing voice. After discretely attempting to end the genjutsu he began casually, "So, one more time-". Sasuke lives relatively alone up in the highest turret of the lonely Uchiha manor, until fate lead him to a chance meeting with a certain fiery demon. Just an Anbu Kakashi's interaction with a baby Naruto. baby teeth, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Baby Sasuke Itachi Siblings Rivalry Cerice The Uchiha family adopted a baby girl in order to appear kind after taking over. First published Feb 25, 2017. Wind stirs and enters the room alongside him. OT: Sasuke stomps, Baby Naruto couldn't stop crying which takes serious energy. Sakura looks at baby Sasuke with tearful eyes. Blue eyes looked at him questioningly. Cold breeze caresses the bundle of blankets. “WaaahTachi!” Everyone in the room simply watches baby Sasuke sob. Sasuke was about to close his door until Naruto placed his false hand between the door. " Sasuke's face grew closer to the stunned blond's as he went and gripped Naruto's right hand with his left one. "I'm pregnant, Sasuke. It seems that he can partially understand Sakura’s words. “Er, no,” he says and glances around his apartment again. Sasuke still claimed Naruto's right side, smirking smugly at the younger blond while the man rolled his eyes and Himawari giggled at their actions. “Tachi!” Baby Sasuke says as he sobs. Uchiha Obito. Silently, he slides it open. Wizards. When the smoke cleared, Sasuke wasn't there. They're both frozen. It's essentially just a canon character x OC fic format with 4 parts: 1) how the characters met; 2) how the OC got pregnant; 3) how the OC tells the 'baby daddy' that they're pregnant; and 4) the epilogue. Summary. Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina Note: Mamoru belongs to ssilcatt on Tumblr. Snickering inwardly, she began counting down 3 2 1 "WHAT?" a dumbfounded Naruto shrieked. Baby Boy Sasuke Chapter 1: A New Day, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction A New Day It was a usual day after a usual mission. Paling considerably, his eyes rolled back and he passed out. Should I tell him? sasuke adopts baby naruto fanfictionprosecco sparkling wine for mimosas. "Like what?" Itachi asks. Source: campaniellodesign. CHAPTER 4: TRUST. Threats of Rape/Non-Con. blogspot. Naruto looked out of the window from where he laid in bed with his lover, and flinched as the thunder roared again. Major Team 7 friendship buildings, highly Sasuke-centric . Posted By ; on ucop salary scales 2021 . Minato is doing his best to earn Naruto's trust and keep her secret. Kakashi finds out Naruto's other secret. "I think you were about to leave this. Though the mission had been a failure, resulting in Naruto in the hospital of course, and Sakura being mad. " Advance, challenge and rise into legend, or fall, fail and descend into iniquity. Hospitals are no fun, and Sasuke's currently enjoying the dubious honour of having one as his second home. The baby’s eyes become wide and tear filled. Fluff. Jiraya is Naruto’s Father Figure. Sasuke handed Naruto his fake limb. Naruto checked his watch to see he still had about 5minutes before practice . Before they knew it, Sasuke suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. Tags: no pairings, complete, 9k words, 3rd person POV, non au, hurt but with comfort. Summary: Sasuke and Itachi end up talking about Sasuke’s past with Orochimaru, where Itachi discovers Sasuke was abused by him.

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