Xds grip safety failure. $1. . drail said: Yes but building up the bump isn't going to solve the problem if your "high grip" safety has your hand pressing the grip safety in at or above the pivot point. I watched PRP’s “Extreme Trigger Kit” video for installation of hardware and safety checks. patreon. This accounts for any failure that could not be remedied by immediate or remedial action; examples include; grip safety failing to reset, grip safety failing to engage, broken guide rod, broken striker, fractured chamber wall, fractured striker face wall, cracked slide, trigger shoe failure and on and on. “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Not Yet Rated A friend texted me yesterday with a picture of the grip safety in his Colt Defender. Posted by u/[deleted] 9 years ago. My XD 40 had a disabled grip safety for a while and it worked fine. SPRINGFIELD-ARMORY. Tying the grip safety to the slide is the problem. I didn't like the idea of it not working so I fixed it. level 1. com/. Kahr CM-40 - SCCY CPX-1 9mm. 2. 45ACP 5" Recoil Spring Guide Rod. com/YankeeMarshalAn example of how unsafe the XDs really is. 45 ACP failure to fire due to grip safety fail. First of all, a grip safety doesn’t require any extra movements or steps in order to use the firearm. instagram. WEIGHT W/ EMPTY MAG: 21. This fixed the problem as the grip safety would depress even with a less than perfect grip. Instructions are included to help with installing this item. $37. A polymer cover plate (shown between the optic and pistol) covers the mounting area when an optic is not . Our PRP Extended Grip Safety for the XDS and XDS Mod. XD-S Extended Grip Safety. Then shortly after release they largely disappeared from store shelves due to a voluntary recall in 2013. Springfield XD Mod. In most cases, it’s just a natural consequence of holding the firearm in a firing position. I wish Glocks had them. 2 in 9mm survived a grueling 25,000 round torture test without a failure. facebook. 2 . 2® FIREARMS ONLY. #5 · Dec 26, 2021. Ruger LCP 380 - Ruger Security Six 357 - Ruger Mark III. This is an amazing testament to the quality of the pistol especially when considering its small size. The obvious thing for any aspiring manufacturer of a combat pistol was to design it without a grip safety. This is my opinion but I also hate how top heavy and seemingly unbalanced the xds 45 is compared to the shield. The 1911 has a grip safety and didn’t cause immediate disembowelment, so what was the catch? With a Level 3 Trauma ER standing ready I set out to see how it could fail. If you grip the gun correctly (firmly and high on the back strap), the grip safety will depress, and you’ll be good to go. The grip safety itself dates back to the 1880s, when the first pistol to employ one caught on commercially: the Smith and Wesson Safety Hammerless. 45 ACP, in top operating condition with parts, accessories and gear made specifically for this model. Easy stuff. XDS OEM # 55 Grip X-Tension - large # 2 fits 45 ACP. A well designed grip safety should hinge at the bottom and should disengage the trigger action until the grip safety is depressed and the trigger is released before being . 98. Grip Safety Pin, New Factory Original . 11 Tactical belt, a Gerber folding knife and a . Close. "XD" covers XD, XDmod 2, XDS and XDM. Springfield XD & XDM Disassembly & Reassembly Guide. 9 MM . 40 S&W or . $ 57. coffeenima. FYI, I've shot probably around 500 rounds of reloads in my XD-S before the kit change so if there is a problem, it's most likely the kit. 2 Grip Zone. The Mod. No matter if I have a less than perfect grip the grip safety is depressed . disappears under even the lightest clothing. XDS OEM # 19 Grip Safety and Grip Safety Spring Pin. Armory has engineered a pistol specifically designed around the 9mm round, resulting in a smaller frame and slimmer profile in this latest version of the. Review: Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm. . This piece allows for an increase in positive deactivation of the safety when the pistol is in proper operation and allows . 40 S&W. Drawing and presenting, the XD-S pointed quite naturally. No offense to your choice in firearm but the xds was never the king of anything. Grip Safety Pin Enlarge Image. This high grip can make it difficult to keep pressure on the grip safety, leading to the possibility of not being able to fire the gun. Think of the GS as a lever - if you push on the fulcrum - nothing moves. Joined Oct 1, 2001. This was a strange piece of public hysteria since it is very hard, perhaps impossible, to fail to depress the 1911's grip safety with any usable one handed grip. 00. Now:$58. While you could probably modify the pistol, I recommend you work on your grip. I wouldn't recommend that. Glock 19, 21 SF, 22, 32, 43. 2 and is made with hardened 17-4 stainless steel. With a frame less than 1-inch wide, the XD-S Mod. Aug 27, 2019. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Titanium Striker Safety Kit fits XD/XDM. XDm . August 10, 2015 at 5:34 PM. 5 ozs w/flush mag / 22. Springfield XD / XD Mod. $101 . There are plenty of torture test comparisons that have been done on Springfield XDs and Glocks, and the XDs stand up to everything the Glocks do. It didn’t take long to make it fail . 5" 10mm is the end result of a simply breathtaking zero-failure 10,000-round torture test. 32 S&W and . I am demonstrating on an XDM 45 ACP but the same mechanism applies to all of the XD series. The PRP® Extended Grip Safety includes an option for the arm installed or without an arm and is available in stainless steel or black. Photo by Springfield Armory. 2 is a slim single stack pistol perfect for concealed carry. Use it safely, store it securely, and always transfer a firearm responsibly and legally. Taurus Judge. I can now carry an XD with confidence that it will fire when it needs to do so. $11. $2. IIRC these failures tend to be grit getting in the grip safety and extractors breaking. 2 pistol systems chambered in calibers such as 9mm or . 1 of 16. The modern production 1911 - high visibility sights, beavertail grip safety, aluminum trigger, good trigger pull, enhanced slide/ frame fit, accurized barrel/bushing fit. Also, most trained pistol shooters use a high grip on the gun to mitigate muzzle rise. 2® OSP™ Handguns. 2 is a leaner, better-handling gun than its predecessor. THIS MANUAL IS FOR XD® & XD MOD. I went 1911---> XD-----> m&p----> Glock now I find myself carrying czs frequently. · 7y. Original score: Madison St. The XD-S OSP 9 mm features a slide milled for direct mounting of a compact red-dot sight. To have no grip safety on an XD/XDm would be similar to carrying a 1911 cocked-and-locked without a grip or frame mounted safety. This handgun grip safety is design. Lots of top 1911 gun smiths made good money pinning 1911 grip safeties closed. Got an xds . so something is misformed or busted. XD-S Mod. The grip safety is great for reholstering while keeping a danger scan downrange. Showcasing CNC machined hardened tool steel with a black coating, this Powder River Precision grip safety w/ arm is produced for the Springfield XDS / XDS Mod. XD MOD 2 45 Black X-tension. The XD-9 incorporates a grip safety, a steel recoil-spring guide and (for us southpaws) ambidextrous magazine-release controls. However, when you look at their design, this isn’t the case. Since the release of the XD-S Mod. MSRP $440 - $568. Facebookhttp://www. 9,473 Posts. com/yankee. 99. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2 The Grip Safety And Similar Devices. 5 ozs w/ mag X-Tension™. The gun is not new. Oh and that the rear sights were ridiculously hard to replace. Basic field strip, the first step on every gun adventure. 1) An XD can be both holstered and unholstered without engaging the grip safety (rest the thumb on the back of the slide), reducing the chance of glock-leg. #16 · Jul 31, 2015. *Please note: this PRP® Extended Grip Safety Kit is designed to work on XDS® pistols that are manufactured post recall or that have had the recall . On one of his Springfield XDs, PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus has an enhanced grip safety done by Business End Customs. XD Ultimate Easy Fit Trigger Kit. Loaded with features from top to bottom, the XD-S Mod. Press in the little tab and pull the plate down. The tang of the gun rubs the first joint of the thumb. The important thing about a grip safety is that the user needs to develop a different holstering technique so that the grip safety is not depressed as the pistol is holstered. 2 in . The trigger is meh, the grip safety is unwanted my most carriers and the shield is has much better texture, capacity and shootablilty. " July 9th, 2013, 06:16 AM #3. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force: Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined. Pistol Grip Modules Pistol Grips & Screws Range Gear Recoil Pads & Plates . STORE - https://www. 95. The Action Enhancement Trigger for the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod. 2 models. Unfortunately XD's tend to be one of the highest failure rates in training classes according to John Correia (I think I spelled that right), Aaron Cowan, and many many others. To my immediate knowledge, the only guns in modern production to have the grip safety are the 1911 and the Springfield XD. We shall see. The added security of the grip safety is a must in my eyes. Unlike the Glock, the XD includes a loaded-chamber indicator and a cocking indicator; safety features allow the operator can ascertain the weapon’s readiness either visually or by feel. IE this 20,000 round test. 38 Special - which was a popular "belly gun" when released in . As well as some misc stuff I cant recall off the top of my head. 2) Everyone’s first instinct when they drop something (gun or otherwise) is to try and catch it before it hits the floor. The excellent trigger and enhanced ergonomics makes the XD-S accuracy at “gun-fighting” distances well within the “minute of bad guy” standard. 99 Something that sets the XD apart from most other striker-fired pistols is the grip safety. 40 SW . If it’s not a Kimber, it’s a copy. 45’s fiber optic front sight is easily acquired. The safety lever actually locks the hammer, sort of like a 1911. 45 - XDs . Archived. The Safety Hammerless was a double-action only 5-shot compact offered in . 95 - $67. When properly installed, this drop-in kit will: 22,930 Posts. From what I remember is seems to become less prone to happen as the gun is "broken in. 2 comes with everything you need to get started in the concealed carry world. Springfield offers two additional Mod. the way the xd is designed unless your grip safety is full depressed then the sear is blocked into the up position. My first two slow-fire mags indicated that gun size isn’t everything. marshalTwitterhttps://twitter. Product #: 1369640 Part Key: NI. Quick View. When properly installed, this drop-in kit will: The Grip Safety And Similar Devices. A newly designed grip safety immediately readies the gun to fire when gripped, but keeps the gun safe from firing during appendix or off-body carry. 49. 45 ACP failure to fire due to grip safety fail . Springfield must have figured this out as the grip safety on an XDM does not have the same issue. bonfire. Powder River Precision's Stainless Steel Striker Safety is for the XD-S MOD. It also helps to position your hand high on the pistol for a more consistent grip. com/user/posts?u=13628552INSTAGRAM - https://www. 0 9 mm in a Bravo Concealment holster. The XD-M® 4. Do not use this manual for XD-E™, XD-S®, XD-M® or XD-M® Elite Be a responsible firearm owner. MSRP $440 - $623. I like the grip safety, as long as you are holding the gun correctly it will depress and fire. com/store/tactical-fellowship-store/PATREON - https://www. Modifying the safety would require sanding the grip safety and/or sear. 2 incorporates a newly engineered gripping surface, redesigned slide and frame contours, as well as features developed for Springfield’s latest XD-S Series. Discussion of my experience with Springfield XD back-strap safety. 2. Extended Grip Safety Installation 12/18/2018 The PRP Extended Grip Safety is a much better than original. 22,930 Posts. This is similar to the grip safety found on other guns like the 1911. XDS OEM # 36 40S&W Loaded . $12. Keep this slim & single stacked frame pistol, available in 9mm, . I remember hearing about this issue a lot when the XDs 45 came out. OEM # 17 XD/XDM Grip Safety Spring. Frankly, I like the grip safety on my XDs. Experience the next evolution of the XD-S pistol from Springfield Armory. MSRP $609 - $837. 45 the grip safety works great. OEM # 28 Striker Spring Guide. Take the thumb from around the grip and put it on the back of the slide and the danger of a discharge goes down if something, such as clothing, gets caught in the trigger guard while the gun is being shoved in the holster. 2 is CNC machined from hardened tool steel and designed to provide a more positive deactivation of the safety when the pistol is properly gripped. The top surface has been shaped to make the trigger pull smoother. Sear, Striker safety lever, sear spring(s) & ejector have to be removed prior to removal & installation of NEW Extended grip safety. XDS Striker Safety. Makes for much more confidence in the carry and in between. call springfield thell do right +1 If you bought it used then maybe the grip safety was modified. 25 . ^^^ this has been my experience. It is recommended that all . The photos and specs made it seem like an almost perfect carry pistol. 2 Models Only. 38 S&W - not . If it was me I wouldn't mess with it!!!! My XD 40 had a disabled grip safety for a while and it worked fine. XD® Handguns. The . The Springfield Armory XD-S is a pistol that I waited for with great anticipation before its release. OPERATION & SAFETY MANUAL DOWNLOAD THIS MANUAL ON OUR WEBSITE: WWW. ·. it doesn't take anything special other than a natural firing grip to . XD MOD 2 9/40/357 Pearce Grip Extension adds 1. 2 pistol features the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger paired with an Apex Grip Safety Spring. So, these pistols can be carried either with the hammer down and safety on or with the hammer cocked and safety engaged for . Grip Safety – Let’s start with the apparent anti-tactical, instant Ninja death grip safety. MSRP: $586. I have heard stories of their failure. 45 ACP earlier this year, Springfield. Some people would state that the trigger safety of an XD serves the same purpose as the frame safety of the 1911. We also have a Bravo Concealment spare magazine carrier, a 5. The listed parts in this category are specific to the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod. 365. Lock the slide back, flip the lever up, dry fire to remove the slide and separate the barrel and recoil spring. 45 ACP. $26. 2 pistol unless otherwise noted. When you grip the gun, the safety disconnects and allows you to pull the trigger. An easy upgrade to smooth out your factory trigger setup. The grip safety locks the slide and trigger. Never had a problem with it. The kit is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and grip safety spring. But being a revolver man I expect my arm to go boom every time I pull the trigger. The Grip Safety And Similar Devices. COM Today we have a Springfield Armory XD-S 4. 2 of 16. Locking the slide to the rear for extended malfunctions sometimes resulted in the hand releasing the grip safety as the thumb was pushing up the slide lock. 45 - XD-9. #8. Only show this user. Featuring a superbly refined trigger, the XD-M Elite represents the pinnacle of performance in modern striker-fired pistols. I'd have never thought it possible for a beavertail grip safety to fail in such a manner as this one has. 9 MM 10 MM . The XD set the new industry standard for comfort, ease of operation, features and performance. The XD-S Mod. your backstrap safety is prolly mishappen or broken. Without the grip safety depressed, you cannot pull the trigger. For use with MOD. Re: Springfield XDs 9mm failure to RTB. The 9mm XD Mod. 2 9mm. The only problem I had with the XD series is once the grip safety on a subcompact model not disengaging. Also add a 1/16″ punch for the slide full strip! Remove the striker retaining backplate. My buddy had fired about 150 rounds through the gun last week. Featuring three interchangeable backstraps, Mega-lock grip texturing and a full-length guide rod that synergistically combine to tame the recoil impulse of the mighty 10mm cartridge, this is the most serious XD-M yet. The general consensus was that it happens due to limp wristing. He said that the gun had begun to fail to fire, and that he'd eject a live round with no . XDS OEM # 41 40 S&W Recoil Spring Assembly. 5. Locking the trigger isn’t a problem. The Powder River Precision Extended Grip Safety is CNC machined from hardened tool steel and designed to provide a more positive deactivation of the safety when the pistol is properly gripped. The standard comes with a fiber-optic front sight instead of the Tritium, which will save you an extra $62 (MSRP: $524). ” -Patrick Henry, June 5th, 1788.

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